Do You Guarantee Your Services?

Absolutely! All of our services come with a  guarantee, taking into account normal wear and tear. Talk to your technician during your service to find out what your service is guaranteed for and how you can get the maximum benefit from your service.

Will You Work on My Toes if I Have a Fungus?

No. It is against the law to perform services on a client who has any communicable diseases as well it is not safe for you as the client or other clients. For your own safety all suspected infections and fungus must be attended to by a physician.

Do You Reuse Items?

As per state law as well as for your own protection, safety and sanitation, all porous items are discarded after one use. This includes files, buffers, pumice, toe separators and pedicure slippers.

How Do You Clean Your Implements?

Our metal implements are cleaned between each client using a 3 step process you're unlikely to find in many salons. We first use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the implements, they are then soaked in a hospital grade antibacterial, anti fungal disinfectant before being placed in steri-packs and placed in a UV sterilization unit. This 3 step process is imperative to ensure the health and safety of our clients.

Are the Technicians Licensed and Trained?

All of the technicians are trained and qualified to perform the services within their scope of practice. They are each licensed by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology and are current with their continuing education and often participate in additional optional trainings.

What Languages Are Spoken At The Salon?

English. However we do have techs who also speak Russian, Tagalog & Hebrew.

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